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The column that reads faster than Anne Hathaway

“The Battle of the Five Armies” arrives Dec. 17.
“The Battle of the Five Armies” arrives Dec. 17.

Statuettes aren’t cheap

If you were looking to advertise on ABC during the 2015 Oscars telecast, you’re running out of time.

The Wrap reports 30-second spots are going for about $1.9 million each and are nearly sold out.

Neither is the shire

Financial documents filed in New Zealand this month revealed that Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit” trilogy is the most expensive film production on record. The price tag so far: $745 million.

But Box Office Mojo says the first two “Hobbit” movies have earned nearly $1.98 billion, which means the trilogy could break the $3 trillion mark when “The Battle of the Five Armies” arrives Dec. 17.

Time to visit HAL again

A digitally restored version of Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey” is getting a limited release in the U.K. in November, and there’s a creepy new trailer making the rounds online.

If you have not seen “2001” in a theater, this version could be worth your time, just to hear the soundtrack in today’s fancy-sounding auditoriums.

Expect fans to start demanding in social media that it be released in the U.S. soon.

From X to extremist

Patrick Stewart will play a white supremacist in Jeremy Saulnier’s thriller “Green Room.” The Wrap reports the film features Anton Yelchin and Imogen Poots as members of a young punk band who witness a violent crime and are soon fighting for their lives against a bunch of skinheads, led by the former Professor X.

Faster than light speed

Anne Hathaway brags to the New York Times that she read the script for Christopher Nolan’s space epic “Interstellar” twice in three hours.

Elsewhere in the interview, Matthew McConaughey said he read it in 51/2 hours.

So New York magazine puts a pencil to the math, estimating “Hathaway can read a film script at three times the pace of McConaughey. Or, more likely, that she only read her own scenes.”

Early reviews from advance screenings have been full of praise. “Incredibles” director Brad Bird tweeted, “Dazzled by the ambition and intelligence of ‘Interstellar.’ Terrific performances, haunting imagery, WOW. See it in IMAX.”

Variety reported this week the film is expected to notch at least $50 million in its Nov. 5 opening weekend.

Compiled by David Frese, Twitter: @DavidFrese.

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