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Movie Mom: ‘Shaun the Sheep Movie,’ ‘Fantastic Four,’ ‘Ricki and the Flash’

“Shaun the Sheep Movie”
“Shaun the Sheep Movie” Lionsgate

Information for parents deciding which movies are best for kids ages 2 to 18:

“Shaun the Sheep Movie”

Why it’s rated PG: Some bodily function humor and cartoon-style peril, head injury and memory loss.

Minimum age: 6.

Family discussion: Why did the sheep miss the farmer? Why was the haircut so popular?

If you like this, try: “The Wallace & Gromit” films and “Chicken Run.”

“Fantastic Four”

Why it’s rated PG-13: Extended sci-fi/comic-book peril and violence, some disturbing images of characters getting fried and exploding, parental death, domestic violence, some strong language, drinking and drunkenness.

Minimum age: Middle school.

Family discussion: Why did Reed run away? How are Reed and Victor alike?

If you like this, try: “The Avengers” and “Iron Man” and the Fantastic Four comics, especially those featuring Galactus.

“Ricki and the Flash”

Why it’s rated PG-13: Tense and unhappy family confrontations, discussion of a suicide attempt, strong language, drinking, marijuana and sexual references and situations.

Minimum age: High school.

Family discussion: Can you have two dreams? How does Pete feel about Ricki? How can you tell? Why does Ricki hurt Greg?

If you like this, try: “The Rocker” and “Juno.”

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