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Movie Mom: ‘Dog’s Purpose,’ ‘Gold,’ ‘Xander Cage,’ ‘Gavin Stone’

Dennis Quaid stars in “A Dog’s Purpose.”
Dennis Quaid stars in “A Dog’s Purpose.” .

Information for parents deciding which movies are best for kids ages 2 to 18:

“A Dog’s Purpose”

Why it’s rated PG: Tense, sad and dangerous situations, including very sad deaths of beloved pets and character injured, alcohol abuse, depression, domestic abuse, neglect of animal, fire, shoot-outs, some potty humor, some disturbing images.

Minimum age: 10.

Family discussion: What do you think a dog’s purpose is? How is it different from a human’s purpose?

If you like this, try: The book by W. Bruce Cameron and the movies “My Dog Skip,” “Marley & Me” and “The Three Lives of Thomasina.”


Why it’s rated R: Constant very strong and crude language, some peril and violence including guns, predatory animal and illness, some disturbing images, drunkenness, chain smoking, fraud and betrayal.

Minimum age: Mature teens.

Family discussion: Would you trust Kenny with your money? Should he have taken the deal?

If you like this, try: “The Wolf of Wall Street,” also featuring McConaughey.

“xXx: The Return of Xander Cage”

Why it’s rated PG-13: Constant action-style peril and violence, chases, explosions, assault weapons, knives, terrorism, sexual innuendo and nonexplicit situation, some strong language.

Minimum age: High school.

Family discussion: Do you agree with Xander’s comment about rebels and tyrants? How do the characters decide when to be loyal and whom to be loyal to?

If you like this, try: The earlier “xXx” movies and the “Transporter” and “Fast and Furious” series.

“The Resurrection of Gavin Stone”

Why it’s rated PG: Some bad behavior and mayhem, passion play with bloody crucifixion image.

Minimum age: Middle school.

Family discussion: Why did Gavin make so many bad choices? What surprised him about the people in the church?

If you like this, try: “Brother White.”

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