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The Big Show: Beach House @ the Uptown Theater

Beach House
Beach House

“Drifting in and out,” the opening lyrics of Beach House’s 2012 hit “Myth,” is an apt summation of the duo’s otherworldly indie rock.

The celestial lethargy of the Baltimore band’s music has been embraced by listeners who enjoy luxuriating in the sonic equivalent of an opium den. Beach House’s blissed-out dream-pop provides a leisurely refuge from a frantic, plugged-in world.

The serene sound is the concoction of a like-minded couple, Victoria Legrand and Alex Scally, who formed Beach House in 2004, when they were fresh out of college.

Unlike musicians who struggle to live up to the high quality of their early work, Beach House keeps getting better. While their cloudy self-titled 2006 debut album was widely praised, Scally and Legrand have since crafted an even more enchanting style.

“Space Song,” a miniature masterpiece from one of two albums Beach House released last year, possesses the intoxicating sheen of a 1950s cocktail jazz selection. But the duo hasn’t sidestepped rock entirely. The distorted electric guitar on “Sparks” and “Zebra” signify rock ’n’ roll, even if the band never fully commits to the form.

The refusal to rock is commendable; Beach House is best when arranging modern-day lullabies such as “Myth,” an arrestingly wispy song that’s among the most sublime compositions of the new millennium.

The Entrance Band, a psychedelic rock group led by Guy Blakeslee, will open Beach House’s Saturday show at the Uptown Theater.

8 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 20, at the Uptown Theater. 816-753-8665. Tickets cost $25 in advance.