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The Big Show: Passion Pit at the Midland

Passion Pit is the indie-pop band overseen by Michael Angelakos.
Passion Pit is the indie-pop band overseen by Michael Angelakos. Steven Brahms

Passion Pit will be greeted with roars of approval as it takes the stage of the Midland theater on Tuesday. Yet the indie-pop band overseen by Michael Angelakos was ridiculed by much of Kansas City’s music community six years ago.

The band backed out of a headlining slot at a free outdoor concert in Westport in 2009.

A post on Passion Pit’s Twitter account suggested that “the stage was about 5 minutes away from collapsing from dry rot.” Three other bands, including Owl City, performed on the stage that night without incident.

All has been forgiven. Angelakos has since publicly addressed his struggle with bipolar disorder that may be partly responsible for numerous canceled Passion Pit concerts. The music of the Massachusetts-based Angelakos hasn’t suffered. He continues to refine the odd lyrics and bouncy electro-pop of hits including the 2012 smash “Take a Walk.”

Passion Pit’s new album, “Kindred,” opens with the buoyant anthem “Lifted Up (1985),” a song that acknowledges its narrator’s emotional exhaustion even as it celebrates life’s possibilities.

The album is filled with self-help guidance, as if Angelakos intends “Kindred” to act as an uplifting musical therapy session for troubled listeners.

Fans who recall the 2009 incident needn’t be nervous about the status of Tuesday’s concert. Few stages in Kansas City are sturdier than the set of the Midland theater.

Atlas Genius opens the show.

Tickets are $29.50 in advance through

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