5 KC super smoothies you need to try

Allison Mcleay

Since we officially can’t fight the colder weather anymore, we might as well just match it. While these healthy treats won’t exactly keep you warm this winter, they might just give you the nutrients your body needs to fight off an incoming cold. Whether you’re looking for fruity, nutty or everything in between, I’ve uncovered the top 5 smoothies in town -- according to the smoothie crafters themselves.

1. “Tastes Like Kale Ice Cream”

Where: Enjoy Pure Food + Drink in Leawood

Did you ever think you would say kale and ice cream in the same sentence? Me neither. Made with kale, bananas, cashews, dates, vanilla and ginger, this 16 ounce protein-rich smoothie doesn’t hold back when it comes to simple, sweet and satisfying flavor. Located in Mission Farms right next to Fusion Fitness, Enjoy Pure Food + Drink is a great spot for snapping those envy-inducing food pictures. Adorable dine in? Absolutely. Order to go? No problem. Personally, I look forward to plopping down on the couch and waiting for my order as I take in the green and calming ambience. Choose this if you want the high fiber, low calorie and rich nutrients of kale in the form of a refreshing and creamy green drink that conjures up the rich indulgence of ice cream.

Power Ingredient: Kale.

Cost: $9.00 + tax ( I add a scoop vanilla protein for $1 extra.)


2. “Mint to Be”

Where: Ruby Jean’s Juicery in Downtown Kansas City, Missouri or East of Troost

Many of our earliest childhood memories begin with the phrase: “at grandma’s house.” These precious moments were especially inspirational in shaping the future of Chris Goode, who grew up to name his business after his grandmother, Ruby Jean. The bright and hip vibe of this healthy downtown hot spot had one of the most aesthetically-pleasing seating arrangements I’ve seen and a menu that includes some of the trendiest health foods (see: avocado toast, acai bowls and seemingly endless smoothie and juice options.)

One thing I really appreciated about this menu is the fact they include all the nutrition information for the smoothies and juices. When it came to smoothie of choice, I went with the idea of “if it’s meant to be, it’s mint to be ”(shoutout to Florida Georgia Line). The Mint to Be smoothie includes banana, almond milk, mint, cocoa powder, a scoop of chocolate protein and a nice touch of agave. Agave is a natural sweetener that gives you that sweet taste without that sharp rise and fall of your blood sugar because of its lower glycemic index. In other words, you don’t need to get white sugar wasted. Note:  If you’re not into the mint and cocoa, I suggest the Pink Zing as it’s the most popular smoothie on the menu. Check out their blog as well to keep up with fun local events.

Power Ingredient: Agave.

Cost: $6.99 + tax ( I add a scoop vanilla protein for $1 extra)


3. Songbird Cafe “ Digger ” 

Where: Songbird Cafe in Crossroads Art District

Located in the heart of downtown, Songbird Cafe is a sanctuary for the music loving health nut. Faced with a menu stocked with smoothies ranging from organic fruits to nutty goodness, I followed my go-to taste buds and chose the Digger, a raw cashew vanilla shake made with mint, kale and organic raw cacao nibs. I’m a sucker for anything cacao as it has one of the highest values of antioxidants in the world, and when combined with mint, the flavor is striking. I was lucky enough to snag a sample of the most popular smoothie on the menu: the Exodus, which is chock full of peanut butter and chocolate goodness. Whether you’re in the mood for mint, creamy peanut butter chocolate or want to try out one of the fresh juices that Songbird Cafe is known for, you’ll find yourself happy you made this stop. Music starts back up in February, so be sure to check back in for a list of live performances in the future.

Power Ingredient: Raw Cacao Nibs

Cost: $8 + tax


4. “Grace”

Where: Cafe Gratitude in Crossroads Art District

As expressed in terms of Cafe Gratitude: I am Grace. With a smoothie menu this good, I needed to take a seat and read all the choices and ingredients from top to bottom. Avocado this, almond butter that -- and don’t forget about all options with cacao and fruit. Sitting in a quiet corner and enjoying the vibes in this classic downtown building, I slurped on Grace; a cold, creamy, light and refreshing smoothie made with coconut milk, almond butter, dates and vanilla bean. It’s rich in protein and all those good fats, and the included almond butter is a delicious touch to keep you full and satisfied. If you’re looking for a healthy alternative to vanilla bean ice cream, this is your jam (or should I say “butter”).

Power Ingredient: Almond butter.

Cost:$9.00 + tax


5. Energizing Mission “experience”

Where: Energizing Mission in Mission, KS

Stop in and take a seat amongst the friendly regulars at the Energizing Mission bar, and you’ll find yourself not wanting to leave. The comfortable vibes and friendly staff along with the unique experience made this stop the most unique one on my journey. There are three steps in their process: a shot of Aloe Vera, a flavored tea and a protein shake meal replacement. Starting with the Aloe vera shot, a mango-flavored digestive enzyme preps the body for digestion and absorption to start. Next, you choose one of the fat-burning thermogenic teas. I chose raspberry as the owner said it is the most popular. Last, you pick a flavor for your shake, which is as simple as it gets: water, ice and a powdered protein. I went with brownie batter, but debated between that and wedding cake because of the obvious appeal. Choose this is you want a fun experience filled with digestive benefits and protein satisfaction.

Still want more? Join the owner as she offers a donation based Yoga class on Wednesday nights at 6 pm. that focuses on the purpose and movements.

Power Ingredient: Aloe Vera.

Cost: $8

All in all, the unique environments of all these locations are great for individual and group experiences. Feel like eating alone? You will feel right at home in each of these hot spots in town. Find your niche and flavor this holiday by taking a smoothie tour across town.