From the editor: Ink now serving KC with daily e-newsletter, monthly print magazine

Reach Ink’s editor, Jennifer Hack, at
Reach Ink’s editor, Jennifer Hack, at

Since Ink launched in 2008, our digital and print products and signature events have been important resources for young Kansas City. Think bar guides, dining guides, Middle of the Map Fest.

Now we’re excited to announce some important changes that continue to expand on our expertise in what our audience wants and to deliver information in the most effective ways.

Earlier this week, we launched a new daily Side Note e-newsletter. The Side Note’s mission is easy: In one easy-to-read and fun email, you can stay in touch with what’s happening in KC.

Also, as part of our evolution, this is our final weekly print edition of Ink.

On July 5, we’ll unveil a monthly edition that will curate the best that KC has to offer each month, from stories to dining to music. You will still be able to find copies at businesses and boxes around downtown.

Young Kansas City still wants the meaningful and relevant storytelling that has long distinguished Ink, but we need to do a better job reaching our readers in the places they spend their time: on social media and out exploring our city.

We have three new team members — Addison Price, Kara Lewis and Kelsie Vallacqua — to help us make the change. And thanks to the Ink Advisory Board for providing feedback during the process.

If you haven’t signed up for our newsletter yet, please do so at and email feedback to the Side Note’s editor, Kara Lewis, at

And, of course, keep an eye out for more Ink events and programs.

If you have ideas for Ink or would be interested in participating in future projects, please contact me at