Radiohead makes one of only nine North American tour stops in KC

Radiohead will be at the Sprint Center Wednesday, April 5. The show is sold out.
Radiohead will be at the Sprint Center Wednesday, April 5. The show is sold out. AMY HARRIS Invision/AP

Radiohead’s static-laced signal will be rapturously received by a capacity audience of 18,000 admirers at the Sprint Center on Wednesday. Much of the music performed by the iconic British band will be extremely challenging.

With the possible exception of Kanye West, Radiohead is the most willfully inaccessible musical act to ever headline at the Sprint Center. Unlike the controversial rapper, Radiohead is a box office monster. Tickets to Wednesday’s concert — one of only nine stops on Radiohead’s North American tour — sold out almost immediately.

Since emerging as a relatively conventional band with its 1993 debut studio album “Pablo Honey,” a project that contained the outsider anthem “Creep,” Radiohead has dramatically expanded the possibilities of rock with the release of “OK Computer” in 1997. Radiohead has since moved from strength to strength as the band has become one of the most important musical entities of the last few decades. Filled with angst and dread, the 2000 project “Kid A” is even more potent than “OK Computer.”

More recent visionary sounds devised by the band overseen by vocalist Thom Yorke and multi-instrumentalist Jonny Greenwood are based on concepts from the realms of electronica and classical music. It’s the sound of a mature band at the peak of its formidable power. The Sprint Center will temporarily become one the weirdest — and most exciting — places in the Midwest on Wednesday, April 5.

The face value of tickets to the sold-out concert are $65 and $89. More info at

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