Preview: Mac Miller to seek ‘Divine Feminine’ at KC’s Uptown Theater

Mac Miller will perform on Tuesday, Nov. 29, at Uptown Theater.
Mac Miller will perform on Tuesday, Nov. 29, at Uptown Theater. .

8 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 29, at Uptown Theater

Mac Miller mocks himself in a new skit for the comedy site Funny or Die. Appearing in a spoof advertisement as the spokesman for a prescription drug “designed to drive you back into that dark creative space you fear and need,” Miller dismisses the drug’s horrifying side effects by suggesting that his drug-enhanced output is “great.”

The amusing conceit is particularly funny because Miller — who is Ariana Grande’s boyfriend — has had massive success based on the ebullience of his banging party raps. Miller’s cheerful form of hip-hop has made him a star. His 2011 debut album topped Billboard magazine’s album chart. All three of his subsequent albums came close to matching that achievement.

Positioned as an antithetical Eminem, the fun-loving Miller was born in Pittsburgh in 1992. His work is filled with genial songs about drinking, smoking and flirting. Miller’s everyman persona compensates for his mediocre flow. Many of his fans love Miller precisely because he looks and sounds just like them.

Contrary to what its title implies, Miller’s new album, “The Divine Feminine,” isn’t a conscious tribute to the power and intelligence of women. Instead, it’s a 52-minute come-on in which he occasionally sounds like an endearingly awkward teenage boy clumsily articulating his most ardent sexual fantasies.

Rather than acting as an artful exhibition of cutting-edge hip-hop, consequently, Tuesday’s concert will merely be the best party in town.

Tickets cost $35 in advance. For more info, go to or call 816.753.8665.

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