Watch: Tattooed ‘bad boy of ballet,’ Sergie Polunin, conquer Hozier’s ‘Take Me to Church’

Sergei Polunin takes Hozier’s soulful ballad to church.
Sergei Polunin takes Hozier’s soulful ballad to church. YouTube

Don’t hate us for not knowing the name Sergei Polunin, but give us credit for knowing it now. We’ve just watched the so-called “bad boy” of ballet dance to Hozier’s soulful “Take Me to Church” and we are instant fans.

So is just about everyone else who has written about this video since it came out on Monday.

Elle magazine gave it a breathless review: “It is truly a thing to behold: a remarkable display of athleticism, artistry, and overall hotness. Those leaps. Those tattoos. Those turns. That a**.”

Well, there’s that. And then there’s this from USA Today’s For the Win sports blog: “If you needed any more proof that ballet is a serious sport, look no further than Sergei Polunin’s improvised dance to Hozier’s “Take Me To Church.”

The 25-year-old Ukrainian dancer was the youngest-ever male principal with Britain’s Royal Ballet. He dances now with the Stanislavsky Music Theatre in Moscow when he’s not making music videos and posing for Marc Jacobs fashion campaigns, according to Elle.

This four-minute video, shot in an empty white room flooded with natural light, was directed by photographer David LaChapelle.

Pronounced Buzzfeed: “This video of his improvised dance to “Take Me to Church” ... is probably as close to perfection as you can get.”