The cat video you missed: Two Siamese flip out when owner takes a shower

Don’t worry, kitties. Mommy’s safe in there.
Don’t worry, kitties. Mommy’s safe in there. YouTube

This is one of those old YouTube videos that finds new life years later and here’s why: It stars cats.

Two cats, actually, two gorgeous Siamese cats who go absolutely bonkers every time the lady of the house cleans up.

The video – titled “Sharon Takes a Shower (and the cats don’t like it one little bit)” – was originally posted in October 2009 by YouTube user fstopfitzgerald.

But it appears to have found new life on Facebook this month after being posted by and Shareably.

Be forewarned: Have the volume turned all the way down before you fire this puppy up. These cats are loud from the get-go.

Should the owner just shut the bathroom door? Invite the cats into the shower with her? Get a dog instead?

That’s what all the conversation is about now.