Too revealing? Reactions surprisingly mixed to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue cover

Hannah Davis scored the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.
Hannah Davis scored the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. Sports Illustrated

The oddest thing has happened in the aftermath of the reveal Wednesday night of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue: People are complaining that it’s too revealing.

Huh? What?

The cover features the very fetching and comely model Hannah Davis, who was so happy to hear that she had scored the coveted cover that she nearly wet her pants.

What pants?

As you can see on the cover, she’s barely even wearing her bikini bottom, and that’s what many people today are finding offensive. (To see the cover click here.)

The comments on the magazine’s Facebook page boil down to this: The magazine known for showcasing half-naked women pushed it too far this year.

Here are a few of those comments.

Tommy Mashur: “Already sexy enough without pulling the underwear down.....not too classy.”

Christina Seidenschwarz: “Beautiful girl....but stooping low to sell magazines? Showing just tad much down below for this particular cover.”

John Tobio: “As I get older I have the same thoughts I had when i was 20, except i also have a strong desire to put a towel around her and get her home safely.”

Gloria L. Douglas-Writer: “This is truly sad and disgusting at the same time. When waxed, half-naked women looking like pre-pubescent little girls become objects of sexuality, something is very wrong. Any man interested in that needs to rethink his sexual desires.”

Yun-Won Kim: “Sorry, but this looks more like a Playboy shot not sports illustrated.”

Ladies and gentlemen, hell just froze over.