Simon Cowell hypnotized by a dog. Really?

You’re feeling sleep, Simon Cowell.
You’re feeling sleep, Simon Cowell.

Famously sourpuss Simon Cowell was reportedly hypnotized by a dog during auditions for “Britain’s Got Talent.”

So now we’re just waiting for this command: “When I snap my paws, you will wake up and act like a human being with a heart.”

According to the BBC, Cowell was judging acts at Manchester's Lowry Theatre and fell under the spell of “Hypnodog,” a black German Spitz named Princess and her owner/performer/partner, hypnotist Krystyna Lennon.

Canine stage hypnosis is apparently an act. Who knew?

Cowell was reportedly “under” for a few minutes before Lennon snapped him out of whatever state he was in.

One source who works for the show told British media “it was the freakiest moment we’ve ever had.”

Cowell reportedly went up on the stage with the dog and Lennon. When he sat back down at the judges’ table he told his co-judges that he didn’t feel well.

After the cameras stopped rolling Cowell fell forward, head on the table and seemingly unconscious.

A show spokesman told the BBC that he recovered quickly: “It happened on Friday and he returned to auditions yesterday. He was fine.”