Ben Affleck stands by his 18 F-bomb ‘Deflategate’ rant

Ben Affleck, left, and Bill Simmons
Ben Affleck, left, and Bill Simmons

Ben Affleck stands by his slurred, expletive-filled rant against the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell over “Deflategate.”

During an interview Wednesday on the debut episode of HBO’s “Any Given Wednesday,” the New England-raised Affleck passionately criticized the NFL and Goodell for suspending New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for using underinflated footballs during a 2015 playoff game.

The Oscar winner says on Twitter that he used the F-word 18 times during the five-minute diatribe.

Upon reflection, he says, “12 probably would have been sufficient.”

He called the piece “one of my favorite interviews” and added, “#GoPats.”

He also said that he hoped everyone would watch the “whole episode.”

Affleck was calmer during parts of the interview when he wasn’t discussing the Patriots.

You can watch the rant, but beware ... as previously noted, Affleck drops 18 F-bombs in a fast amount of time.