Brooke Shields posts scariest selfie ever

This is Brooke Shields and her beautiful teeth.
This is Brooke Shields and her beautiful teeth. Instagram

Brooke Shields is one brave woman. We would never ever let someone see us with our mouth like this at the dentist – except, of course, the dentist.

But did we mention that Shields is a very brave woman?

On Friday she shared a selfie on Instagram that she took in the dentist’s chair, one with her mouth propped open by one of those plastic mouth-guard thingies used to stretch your lips wide.

She posted it with this caption: “My new head shot taken at dentist!!!!!”

With her eyes wide open, too, the resulting photo is something akin to what you might see at night when the lights are out and the monsters come out to play.

Wrote one of her Instagram followers who laughed along with her: “Madre de dios!!!!!!!!!!!”

But we admire her good-sport spirit of fun, and her teeth. What a beautiful set of chompers.

And who knows? Maybe she’ll start a trend.