Kirksville substitute teacher scolds doctor, wife for daughter’s lunch which included marshmallows, pickles

A grade-school substitute teacher in Kirksville sent this note home with a student this week.
A grade-school substitute teacher in Kirksville sent this note home with a student this week. Facebook

You can just hear the mommy blogs firing up now.

The Kirksville School District has apologized to two parents after a substitute teacher scolded them in a note for a lunch they sent to school with their daughter this week.

Did we mention that the dad is a family doctor?

The news made splashy headlines today in London’s Daily Mail.

Justin Puckett posted the teacher’s note to his Facebook page after his daughter brought it home from Kirksville Primary School on Tuesday.

It read: “Dr. and Mrs. Puckett, The cafeteria reported to me that (daughter’s name) today included four chocolate bars, a bag of marshmallows, Ritz crackers and a pickle. Please see that she packs a proper lunch tomorrow.

KTVO in Kirksville talked to Puckett, medical director of the Complete Family Medicine clinic, who said that the letter was inaccurate in describing his daughter’s lunch that day.

When he posted the letter to his Facebook page he wrote:

“Big brother..........At least get your facts straight before intruding. I was aware of her lunch contents. Four pieces of ham, low fat string cheese, pickles, 4 marshmallows, and a small piece of dark chocolate (she did have 2 extra pieces, one for her brother and another for a friend who we know well and her parents are ok with this). There were no crackers. Sure, I'd liked her to pack a few more veggies and maybe a piece of fruit, but we compromise on pickles occasionally.”

The teacher wrote “parent signature required” at the end of the note.

The Pucketts wrote back: “Request declined.”

Puckett admitted that he might have taken the incident personally but was most offended by having his parenting skills called into question.

“The issue isn’t what happened at the primary school and with my daughter because she is very independent and going to be completely unaffected by this,” he told the TV station. “But what does bother me is that it just seems that we are constantly being inundated with the inability to be parents of our children.

“I'm responsible for them and for the choices that they make and do whether it's at school or not. I have the ultimate responsibility to raise my children and I take that role very, very seriously.”

The family received an apology from both the school’s principal and district officials.