Chrissy Teigen gets real about post-partum life, is blasted by judgmental parents

Chrissy Teigen with her newborn daughter, Luna.
Chrissy Teigen with her newborn daughter, Luna. Instagram

Being a new mom is a lot of things: incredible, exhausting and challenging in ways you never expected.

Like when you have to wear a postpartum pad upon leaving the hospital. Or how you might have to buy a “perineal irrigation bottle.” Or how nasty and judgmental other moms can be.

Chrissy Teigen, who less than a month into her newfound mom status, is learning all these things quickly, thanks (or maybe not) to social media.

Fortunately, she’s had a great sense of humor about it.

After years of struggling with infertility, Teigen and her husband John Legend welcomed their daughter Luna into the world on April 14. Teigen has shared some adorable photos on her Instagram — the ones that make motherhood look all baby powder and cuddles.



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But on Twitter, Teigen has shared some of the more not-so-glamorous parts of post-partum life. Like how she’s ordering an irrigation bottle for cleansing down there, and how moms think it’s ridiculous that she leave her newborn for a date night with Legend.

But not all parents have been haters on Twitter. She’s gotten lots of support from those tired of all the judgmental parents out there. Because, what’s the point? As if being a parent isn’t hard enough.