Eric Stonestreet on being a Dodgers and Royals fan: ‘Just leave me alone!’

Eric Stonestreet with Stephen Colbert
Eric Stonestreet with Stephen Colbert CBS

Here are the things Eric Stonestreet doesn’t get: Why have people questioned him about playing a gay man more than him playing a murderer?

And why can’t he root for the Kansas City Royals and the Los Angeles Dodgers?

On “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” Wednesday, Stonestreet — who was born in Kansas City, Kan., and is a Piper High School and Kansas State graduate — talked about being cast as Cam Tucker on “Modern Family.” The ABC show was just renewed for an eighth season; Cam is married to Mitchell Pritchett and the couple adopted a daughter.

“No one ever asked me, well, what’s it like being a murderer? Are you OK with being a murderer?” Stonestreet told Colbert. Stonestreet said he played those characters on TV before being cast in “Modern Family.”

“And the other thing people would say, because I’m from Kansas, is what do your parents think about you playing a gay guy on TV,” Stonestreet continued. “My mom’s happy I’m not getting cast killing people anymore.”

About the Royals/Dodgers thing, Stonestreet think it’s perfectly reasonable to root for both teams.

“It’s called the American League and the National League. The only time it’s in conflict is when they play each other in the World Series.”

He adds he routinely blocks people on social media who criticize him. “Just leave me alone!” he told Colbert.

Of course, if the two teams ever did meet, Stonestreet said he would root for the Royals, “because that’s where I’m from.”

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Stonestreet, 44, also just purchased some new Royals threads.


Gold Threads, Exclusively This Week Only At The Majestic Team Store. @kcroyals #OpeningNight #ForeverRoyal

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Does this mean he’ll be wearing them on Opening Day at Kauffman Stadium?

On Thursday, Stonestreet recalled his KCK roots by tweeting a photo of his old Kansas license plate, “Fizbo.” It is the name of the clown Cam occasionally becomes on “Modern Family” and the real name of the clown Stonestreet played when he was in high school, performing at kids’ birthday parties.

As Stonestreet explained to The Star in 2012: “I don’t know where the name Fizbo came from. I do know one day that’s what my dad was calling me and that’s the name that I printed on my business cards. And then all of a sudden (‘Fizbo’) is the name of an episode of a hit TV show and I win an Emmy for it. So it’s pretty unbelievable.”