April Fools’! Jon Lovitz, Jessica Lowndes relationship was faked


Turns out it was all a big fat April Fools’ joke — and one heck of a social media marketing campaign.

After creating quite the hubbub by revealing a “secret” relationship with Jon Lovitz, Jessica Lowndes said Monday afternoon that it was all a joke. For her music video.

“Is it too early to say April Fools’?” she asks in an Instagram video.



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Maybe the joke went so well that Lowndes couldn’t let it fester four more days until the actual April Fools’ Day.

Here’s how it went:

Through a series of posts in Instagram and Twitter over Easter weekend, Lowndes, 27, and Lovitz, 58, displayed their affection, with Lowndes calling Jon Lovitz her “bae.”

“Easter with my bunny,” Lovitz tweeted.

Of course it led to the usual skepticism on Twitter. Lovitz, after all, is best known for playing the Pathological Liar (“Yeah, that’s the ticket”) on “Saturday Night Live.”

And Lowndes was totally prepared for negativity, saying on an Instagram video: “No, I haven’t been hacked, I’m just excited to be able to finally share this secret with you guys.”


Being happy never goes out of style ☺️

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The secret included a photo of a large diamond ring (was that a fake, too?) on her left ring finger and another photo that showed a hand on her thigh captioned: “His hands are wise and tell a thousand stories. #smitten”


His hands are wise and tell a thousand stories... #smitten #hatersgonnahate ❤️ snap: realjlowndes

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When bae films you waking up in the morning... ❤️ #TooOldToUseHashtags #MrBig

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Lowndes is best known for her role as Adriana Tate-Duncan on CW’s “90210.” She often sang on the show.

Lovitz was also known for playing the Devil on “Saturday Night Live.”

As one commenter said on Lowndes’ joke reveal post: “All is well with the world.” In hindsight, this post from the beginning really should have given it away.


And I love me some old cows...

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And as for that video, it’s for a remix of “Deja Vu,” featuring Lovitz. It probably won’t be as memorable as the idea of Lovitz and Lowndes getting married.