Hot felon Jeremy Meeks: No modeling contract, but maybe porn?

The face that launched a viral sensation: Jeremy Meeks.
The face that launched a viral sensation: Jeremy Meeks. Stockton, Calif. police department

Anyone else creeped out by all the slobbering that people have been doing over that dude named Jeremy Meeks, the so-called hot felon?

Did you hear that he’s been offered a modeling contract worth $30,000?

Don’t believe it.

Meeks became a viral sensation last week when the 30-year-old’s mugshot showed up on the Facebook page of the Stockton, Calif. police department. Admirers, mostly women, started salivating over his face, clicking “like” thousands of times and posting thousands of comments.

That got the media slobbering, too, and soon stories about how this modeling agency and that talent agency wanted to sign him up started spreading.

Meeks spent years in prison for grand theft and was reportedly involved with the Northside Gangster Crips. He was arrested last week in a gang sweep and is being held on $1 million bail. He faces several felony charges including “street terrorism.”

But who cares about that, right? Hot felon has landed a lucrative modeling contract! That story has been reported in the last couple of days by TMZ, Buzzfeed, E! News, Huffington Post, Business Insider, Gawker, AOL and scores of other media outlets.

“Not just any old contract, mind you, but a $30,000 contract. Not bad work for a guy sitting in jail at the moment facing 11 felony charges,” writes Luke O’Neil at

O’Neil’s the only one who has tried to find out if the story is true, tracing the genesis for the rumor back to a Fox News story that Meeks had signed up with a talent agent named Gina Rodriguez.

O’Neil called her office and found that no modeling contracts have been signed.

But, there is a porn offer on the table.

The Daily Dot reports that Dogfart Productions, which bills itself as “the undisputed kings of adult interracial entertainment since 1996, is offering Meeks $100,000 to shoot two porn scenes a week.

“We think Jeremy's look is absolutely perfect for our network and would love for him to consider our offer in becoming Dogfart's first male contract performer,” the company says in a press release.

Meeks seems to have something bigger than porn in mind. TMZ reported on Thursday that his attorney is filing a motion to prevent the media from taking any photos or videos of his hearing next week because the judge won’t let him wear street clothes instead of his orange jumpsuit.

His attorney requested that Meeks be allowed to wear “civilian clothing that is fitting for his body structure.”

We’re with O’Neil on this one. Someone please stop this crazy train.