InTouch Weekly angers transgender advocates with Bruce Jenner ‘My Life as a Woman’ cover

This week’s cover of InTouch Weekly is bound to turn more than a few heads. And was that the point?
This week’s cover of InTouch Weekly is bound to turn more than a few heads. And was that the point? InTouch Weekly

InTouch Weekly put Bruce Jenner on its cover this week, but it’s not really the former Olympian and Kardashian stepdad that you’ll see there.

It’s a Photoshopped image of him with a headline that reads: “Bruce’s Story: My Life as a Woman.”

BuzzFeed reports that the magazine appears to have superimposed Jenner’s face on that of British actress Stephanie Beacham, lipstick and all.

Hollywood Life, an entertainment blog, also quotes an “insider” who claims that Jenner plans to come out as a transgender woman in a future issue of The Advocate.

One problem: The Advocate editor says that’s not true.

"I’m astounded that Bonnie Fuller’s Hollywood Life would claim to have ‘all the details’ on Bruce Jenner’s ‘big magazine plans’ because their story is a total fabrication — like InTouch’s distressing Photoshopped cover,” said Matthew Breen, editor in chief of The Advocate on the magazine’s website.

“Neither publication has any insider source with knowledge of The Advocate's planned coverage.”

Since Jenner separated from Kardashian-clan momager Kris Jenner in the fall of 2013, paparazzi have virtually stalked him looking for any inkling or sign of a transition, focusing mostly on his hair and, at times, his manicured fingernails.

Mara Kiesling, executive director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, told The Advocate on Wednesday the fact “that anybody is still trying to 'shock' people about transgender people is really sad.”

Writing for, pop culture editor Alex Rees called the cover “rank, sensationalized transphobia and gleeful bullying.

“It's also an unfortunate example of bargain-basement retouching: Were Bruce to wear blush — and, to clarify, there are really no legitimate grounds to imply he does so, in a manner like this or at all — he would know how to contour.”