Taylor Swift sends box of goodies, check for student loans to KC area woman

Taylor Swift fan Rebekah Bortniker received a box of goodies from the singer this week.
Taylor Swift fan Rebekah Bortniker received a box of goodies from the singer this week. Twitter

Taylor Swift has been busy since the holidays sending boxes of goodies to some of her lucky fans. This week, some of that fortune hit a local woman who received a “Swift Box” full of gifts - and a check.

A YouTube video of fan Rebekah Bortniker, from Overland Park according to her Twitter account, opening the box was posted to the singer’s Tumblr account.

“So, here’s the video of me opening the gifts Taylor sent me,” Bortniker wrote. “I was so nervous I couldn’t even read the letter and totally butchered it. I was just in such shock that Taylor had taken her time to think about me and send me something. I still don’t think I’ve really processed it all, I feel like I’m just in this crazy dream.

“I couldn’t even form words when I opened everything, luckily my mom took a minute to thank Taylor for me.”

The video shows Bortniker unwrapping all manner of goodies rolled up in bubble wrap inside a giant cardboard box labeled “SwiftEx” instead of FedEx.

Swift sent a signed greeting card, a necklace of hers and a small painting of Bortniker’s nickname, Beks, with a photo to prove that Swift painted it herself.

Oh, and there was a check for $1,989, too, for Bortniker’s student loans.

Swift fans will recognize the 1989 reference, the name of Swift’s latest album and the year she was born.

“Taylor, thank you, thank you, thank you. I know I’ve said it and I’ll probably say it a million more times because this means more to me than you could imagine, I love you!” Bortniker wrote on the singer’s Tumblr page.

Stargazing has reached out to Bortniker for comment. From the looks of two messages on her Twitter account, she’s suddenly an in-demand celebrity herself.

“I have absolutely no interest in someone buying a video of me for them to make money off of it for Taylor's generosity,” she tweeted.