‘Kate Plus 8’ is back with eye-rolling teens and, no surprise, more drama

Look who’s grown up! “Kate Plus 8” is back.
Look who’s grown up! “Kate Plus 8” is back. TLC

Some of us remember when “Jon and Kate Plus 8” was one of TLC’s most-beloved reality shows.

That was in 2007 when we actually cheered for the young loving couple trying to survive with eight – count ‘em, eight! – cute and adorably bratty children.

Then Jon and Kate Gosselin started fighting and the love went away.

Now Jon is long gone and Kate, by herself with the eight kids, is back on TV in a new series of TLC shows on Tuesdays called “Kate Plus 8.”

And we’re not sure that we want to watch anymore because this kind of “drama,” frankly, we can see at the mall. Or at home.

Fourteen-year-old Mady is now just like every other 14-year-old girl butting heads with her mom. Watch the clip from Tuesday’s show below to hear the two go at it over Mady’s having lost her cell phone privileges.

Mady has inherited her mother’s eye-rolling skills. Remember when Kate used to pull that stunt with Jon?

“I feel so overwhelmed lately that sometimes it's hard to stay positive,” Kate confesses to the camera at one point expecting, we think, sympathy.

Do we have any left? We’ll see.