Watch Bruce Springsteen invite 91-year-old superfan to dance with him (again)

Well, if that wasn’t just the cutest thing.

During a Feb. 29 concert in St. Paul, Minn., a smiling Bruce Springsteen delighted the crowd by taking an adorable dance partner — 91-year-old Jeanne Heintz.

As his fans applauded, the 66-year-old rocker swayed to the instrumental section of “Dancing in the Dark” (but in the light) with the white-haired woman, even giving her a hug, a gentle spin and a couple of kisses on the cheek.

Springsteen and his E Street Band will play the Sprint Center on Thursday, April 7, as a part of their 2016 River Tour. It will be Springsteen’s first Kansas City appearance since 2012.

For most people dancing with the rock legend would have been a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Not for this nonagenarian. Believe it or not, reports the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Heintz has danced with the Boss before.

With her daughter, Jackie, the senior superfan reportedly has attended more than 100 Springsteen concerts. She first caught the star’s attention in 2008 at a show in Des Moines, when she held up a sign that read “I drove all night to dance with you,” according to a story in the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

This time, Springsteen’s crew was ready, having set Heintz up with good seats so the headliner would know just where to find her.

And find her he did. Two songs into his encore, he waded into the crowd and spotted her a few rows up from the stage. She made the most of her special moment, causing many to record the dance on their phones.

Respect, Jeanne. Two dances with Bruce Springsteen?

Who’s the boss now?

James A. Fussell: 816-234-4460, @jamesafussell