‘Bachelor’ Chris Soules narrows the herd in second episode


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This photo provided by ABC shows Chris Soules in a scene from Monday’s episode of “The Bachelor.”
This photo provided by ABC shows Chris Soules in a scene from Monday’s episode of “The Bachelor.” AP

Things got weird in the second episode of this season’s “Bachelor,” but not before Chris decided to make his own rules.

First, he allowed yoga instructor Kimberly back in the house after not giving her a rose the first night.

Then “Bachelor” godfather Chris Harrison revealed to the women that Prince Farming himself would be living right down the street from the “Bachelor mansion” this season.

We smell trouble.

With 23 girls left, Chris took six girls on the first group date, which consisted of a pool party and racing tractors in bikinis. Something tells us this isn’t what typically goes on in Iowa.

Chris spent some one-on-one time with Kardashian look-a-like Ashley I. after she won the race, then took 21-year-old Mackenzie on a private date, much to the girls’ horror.

Mackenzie started the date off with a bang, asking Chris if he believed in aliens and telling him she was attracted to his big nose.

“She’s a lot of fun, she’s totally cute,” Chris said. “But I’ve never had that conversation on a first date ... this is a little weird.”

Despite her extraterrestrial interests, Mackenzie redeemed herself after revealing she has a son and took home the group date rose.

Megan is the first girl to get the coveted one-on-one date with Chris, although it took her awhile to comprehend it wasn’t a love note. Hasn’t she seen this show before?

Chris and Megan took the obligatory helicopter over the Hoover Dam, then landed in the Grand Canyon for a picnic.

“I feel like I'm in a dream,” Megan said. “This is an opportunity of a lifetime with someone as amazing as Chris is.”

Megan revealed the tragic death of her dad just days before leaving for the show, which left Chris speechless.

”She's strong with a giant heart,” Chris said.

Megan did her best Taylor Swift-shocked-at-awards-show face when Chris brought out the rose, solidifying her spot for another week.

Eleven girls were sent on the final date, with only the words “til death do us part” on the date card.

When their limo pulled up to a deserted location, the girls were greeted by zombies and subsequent screams.

Chris explained the girls would be fighting zombies on the date, though Ashley S. didn’t quite get the concept.

“She shouldn't even be holding a wet noodle,” Kaitlyn said.

”I feel like I'm in the Mesa Verde,” Ashley S. said while roaming the date location.

”She's in a different world, there's no question,” Chris said.

Back at the house, Jordan put her drinking skills to good use while she showed the other girls her twerking skills and trash talked fellow contestant Jillian.

Prince Farming’s connection with Britt continued to shine, though he gave the date rose to Kaitlyn who he called “a firecracker.”

“It's hard to deny the feelings I have for Britt right now,” he said. “It's hard to explain how perfect it seems.”

At the cocktail party, Ashley I. reveals she's a virgin, much to the other contestants’ surprise.

But that wasn’t the weirdest part of the night. Jordan, several cocktails deep, told Chris how bad she wanted to make out with him but still got denied.

Jordan, he’s just not that into you.

The night ended with Jillian mistaking her name for another contestant’s and tripping over a rug and Tara blubbering after being sent home.

But the most questionable moment of all: How did Ashley S. walk away with the rose?

Chris must like crazy.