Watch Macey Hensley of Kansas, the presidential expert, meet Barack Obama and ask about aliens

It was only inevitable.

Presidential expert Macey Hensley of Council Grove, Kan., finally got to meet an actual president, courtesy of Ellen DeGeneres, clearly one of Macey’s biggest fans.

Macey — whose vast knowledge of U.S. presidents is all the more charming because she never stops smiling — made a return visit to “The Ellen DeGeneres” show on Feb. 12, when DeGeneres had a big surprise for her: meeting President Barack Obama.

Not only did Macey get a hug from Obama, she also got to ask him her most pressing questions, like “is there really a book of secrets?”

Through it all, Macey never loses her adorable self.

How did the girl who started learning about presidents when she was 4 get here? It started about a year ago, when DeGeneres invited Macey on her talk show. During that visit, DeGeneres gave Macey the gift of a White House tour.

About two months later, DeGeneres had Macey visit again to talk about her tour, in which she practically guided herself through the building.

Macey says she wants to be president one day. We say, “go, girl!”