Kansas and Missouri’s most Googled Valentine’s Day gifts won’t surprise you

It turns out everything is bigger in Texas.

Even the Valentine’s Day gifts.

A map featured on Mental Floss shows what Valentine’s Day-related gifts each state Googles more, and Kansas and Missouri’s searches are no surprise.

Kansans, according to the map, prefer to look for diamonds and gold from Helzberg Diamonds.

Missourians go the sentimental route, looking up gifts from Hallmark Cards, headquartered in KC.

But it’s the searches of other states that provide the humor.

Turns out Texans are on the hunt for plus-size lingerie, while residents of Seattle look for bear skin rugs.

Seems fitting.

People in Kentucky prefer to give the gift of pain and regret through couples tattoos — ouch.

If you live in New Mexico, you don’t have to spend a dime on your valentine. Their preferred search is free of cost: a hickey.

And to the singles of the world, be glad you’re not coupled up in Mississippi, or all you’d receive is a lousy mixtape.

Here’s the full map, for your viewing pleasure: