Minnesota woman’s photo booth baby announcement goes viral

Surprise! YouTube

Congratulations to Jessica Devins of Minnesota who not only is pregnant but found a darling – and now viral – way to tell her husband the big news.

Devins surprised her husband with the news inside a photo booth.

She captured the moment on her cell phone and posted the video on Christmas Eve. Since then it’s been viewed more than 4 million times.

KARE in Minneapolis, where Devins and her husband live, report that the couple were in a photo booth inside a pizza shop.

On YouTube Devins writes that she and her husband, Michael, are photo booth fans. "It's a tradition that they can track back to their first date. Now they can't walk past a booth without stopping,” she writes.

As they got ready for the first photo Devins pulled out a tiny hat decorated with one word: “Baby.”

“To see how many people like our video is just heart warming!!” Devins writes in the YouTube comments. “We posted it hoping that it would inspire someone else someday.”

If you can watch her husband’s response without smiling, we demand that you turn in your human card.


Click here to see the video.