‘Duck Dynasty’ wife Lisa Robertson reveals she had an abortion

Alan and Lisa Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” fame reveal even more details of their troubled, rocky marriage in a new book.
Alan and Lisa Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” fame reveal even more details of their troubled, rocky marriage in a new book. ABC

Lisa Robertson shares even more intimate details of her life as a “Duck Dynasty” wife in a new book, “A New Season: A Robertson Family Love Story of Brokenness and Redemption.”

Lisa, the wife of the beardless brother, Alan, who co-wrote the book, revealed last year some of the couple’s problems early in their marriage, including her extramarital affair with an old boyfriend.

In this new book gets even more intimate, detailing the abortion that she had when she was 17, news that Fox News greeted on Thursday with a headline that said “Whoa!” and E! Online characterized as a bombshell.

Lisa told Us Weekly that she regrets her decision and decided to write about it for other women who similarly struggled.

“I thought it was important to include because there are people out there who this has happened to ... I had one girl tell me she has cried herself to sleep just about every night for the last 25 years after having an abortion, and nobody else knows about it,” she told the magazine.

“She regretted it all this time, but she just can't seem to find a place of healing from it. So I thought it was a very unique thing for somebody who is in our position to say, ‘Look, I did this. And you can find healing and comfort from Jesus in it.’”

The couple opens up Alan’s drinking-and-drugging teen years and Lisa’s 14-month affair with an old boyfriend that nearly killed their marriage.

Lisa first revealed the affair in another book last year, “The Women of Duck Commander,” when she also shared that she had been molested by a male relative for seven years beginning when she was 7.

Apparently the rest of the Robertsons were not as forgiving as Alan of Lisa’s indiscretion and even told Alan to leave her. He is the eldest son of “Duck Dynasty” stars Phil and Kay Robertson.

“It was really hard. It was one of the most difficult things our family has ever gone through ... What I will say is that once I made the decision that I was in a place where I could forgive Lisa and I wanted our marriage to work, they got on board behind me,” he told Us Weekly.

“It took a little while for each of them in their individual way to work through their issues with Lisa, but they did. And now we're very close and they're very close to her.”