The mysterious Malia Obama selfie: Is that really her?

Terrorism, police protests, Republicans running Congress — and now, as if the White House doesn’t have enough going on, there’s the mystery of the Malia Obama selfie.

The eldest first daughter, 16, turned up online in an Instagram photo this week. Or at least someone who looks a whole lot like her.

No big deal, maybe, but the image of Malia was being used to sell the T-shirt she was wearing. The $40 shirt features Pro Era, a hip-hop collective based in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Fox News is reporting today that the White House is looking into how the Malia selfie got on Pro Era’s Instagram page (which seemed to be down Thursday afternoon). The caption read, in part: “Malia Obama rocking that classic Pro Era tee!”

A rep for rapper and Pro Era co-founder Joey Bada$$ told Gawker the group got the picture from a “mutual friend” of Malia’s and a Pro Era member.

According to The Grio, the picture “emerged just after the hip hop group came under scrutiny when one of its founding members (Bada$$) was arrested for punching a security guard in the nose, and Pro Era (also called Progressive Era) has taken the opportunity to cash in on the marketing opportunity.”

First lady Michelle Obama told ABC’s Barbara Walters in 2013 that Malia can use Facebook but that younger daughter Sasha, 13, doesn’t have access to social media at all.

The White House declined comment on all this Tuesday, The Associated Press reported. The administration frowns on photos being published of the girls unless they are with their parents.