Watch Taylor Swift play acoustic ‘Blank Space,’ explain how media gave her idea for song

Taylor Swift performs intimate show at Grammy Museum on Sept. 30.
Taylor Swift performs intimate show at Grammy Museum on Sept. 30.

As it turns out, it wasn’t any guy who inspired Taylor Swift to write “Blank Space” — her psychotic/angry song about constantly wooing men and then dumping them.

It was the media.

In a stripped down, acoustic show on Sept. 30 at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles celebrating her “attendance record-breaking” exhibit, Swift explained how the character in “Blank Space” is based on the media’s “wonderful fixation on kind of painting me as a psycho serial dater girl.”

She added: “It’s been awesome. I’ve loved it.”

At first, she said, she thought it was a “bummer” that “every single article ... had these descriptions of my personality that were very different from the actual personality.”

But her second reaction was, “hey, that’s actually kind of a really interesting character they’re writing about.”

That character “jet sets around the world, collecting men ... but she’s so clingy that they leave, and she cries ... in a marble bathtub surrounded by pearls.”

So Swift, being the creative soul that she is, thought “I can use this.”

Here is her acoustic rendition of “Blank Space,” which takes on a more sarcastic tone once you’ve heard the story.

Now compare it to the over-the-top “Blank Space” video, which has nearly 1.4 billion views.

Swift also played “Wildest Dreams” during the Grammy Museum show.