Plastic potty plunger flushes out YouTube hits

Will this new plastic potty plunger have plumbers quaking in their boots? Nah. But the video is kinda fun to watch.

A year-old YouTube video that has resurfaced on social media in recent days shows a South Korean product called the Pongtu in action.

We’ve traced this newfound attention to Mark Frauenfelder, editor-in-chief of Cool Tools, who posted the Korean YouTube video last week with this warning: “If you are grossed out by dirty toilet water, don't watch this video.”

The Pongtu looks like one of those paper toilet seat covers you find in public restrooms, only it’s plastic. You stick it to a clogged toilet bowl and, well, we’ll let you watch the video to see the rest.

One reviewer at RocketNews24 decided that it’s “probably more trouble than it’s worth.”