Jimmy Kimmel is apparently a Kansas Jayhawks fan

Merry Christmas, Kansas Jayhawks.

You can add another famous name to your long list of fans.

“Jimmy Kimmel Live” host Jimmy Kimmel posted a picture on his Instagram recently while making pasta.

But it wasn’t the pasta we noticed; it was Kimmel’s t-shirt.


Rolling out the pasta dough for lasagna...

A photo posted by Jimmy Kimmel (@jimmykimmel) on

We don’t know where this fandom originated, but word is that Kimmel’s wife is a KU alum.

And you know what they say: happy wife, happy life.

Kimmel's wife's brother lives in the KC area, so we get it now.

“You obviously have good taste,” one fan commented on the photo.

“Rock Chalk pasta!!!!” another said.

Eat your heart out, Bill Self.