Sir Mix-A-Lot raps ‘Baby Got Back’ with Seattle Symphony

I like great videos and I cannot lie.

So join me in thanking the geniuses who decided to have Sir Mix-A-Lot rap his iconic “Baby Got Back” with the Seattle Symphony.

The fun went down in Seattle Friday night when the symphony performed two of the rapper’s hits.

For “Baby Got Back,” he invited women to join him on stage.

"What I want to do now, is something you really should not do, but since tonight is orchestral movements from the 'hood night, I'm going to leave some of this open, if a couple of ladies would like to get up on the stage," he told the audience.

“We will not bite unless you want us to.”

(From the looks of it, the woman in the black dress wouldn’t have minded at all.)

He performed at one of the orchestra’s Sonic Evolution concerts, where the symphony commissions composers to write orchestral world premieres inspired by bands and artists that got their start in or have ties to Seattle. Sir Mix-A-Lot claims Seattle as his hometown.

Composer Gabriel Prokofiev reworked “Baby Got Back” and the rapper’s “Posse on Broadway” for the event.

Tech N9ne with the Kansas City Symphony anyone?