Merry Christmas, Kansas! Happy Holidays, Missouri! Did we get it right?

State-by-state preferences of “Merry Christmas” vs. “Happy Holidays.”
State-by-state preferences of “Merry Christmas” vs. “Happy Holidays.” Treetopia

To our Stargazing fans in Kansas: “Merry Christmas!”

To our followers on the Missouri side: “Happy Holidays!”

Apparently that’s how you like it.

The folks at Treetopia, an artificial Christmas tree company in San Francisco, analyzed Twitter data from December 2014 and the first 15 days of this month to determine whether residents of each state say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays” more often.

Kansans were nearly evenly split between the two greetings. But Missourians used “Happy Holidays” much more frequently than “Merry Christmas” - 61.5 percent vs. 38.5 percent.

Merry Christmas is overwhelmingly favored in Bible Belt states. But “Happy Holidays” is the slight favorite in Texas, which sort of explains why one Republican official there lashed out about the phrase on social media this week.

Sid Miller, the state’s agriculture commissioner, posted this threat to his Facebook page: “If one more person says Happy Holidays to me I just might slap them. Either tell me Merry Christmas or just don't say anything.”

You can guess what happened next, right? People started wishing him “Happy Holidays” all over his Facebook page.

The Democratic Party in Texas got in on the fun, too. But when Miller deleted their GIF from his Facebook page, they just posted it to their Twitter account.

Stargazing says: “Merry holidays, everyone.”