Rush Limbaugh: Black actor Idris Elba shouldn’t play James Bond

Idris Elba
Idris Elba Invision/Associated Press

No, no, no, James Bond is not black, says Rush Limbaugh, who does not like the idea of black British actor Idris Elba portraying 007.

On his radio show Tuesday, Limbaugh talked about the stolen emails revealed by the recent hack of Sony.

One tidbit that came to public light was the idea of having Elba portray the British super spy.

“Idris should be the next Bond," Sony Pictures Entertainment co-chairman Amy Pascal wrote in a Jan. 4 email to a former Columbia Pictures executive.

The 24th installment in the James Bond franchise, “Spectre,” starring Daniel Craig, is scheduled for a Nov. 6, 2015 release.

“Here’s the thing, though… James Bond is a fictional character, obviously. James Bond was invented, created by Ian Fleming… and James Bond is… white and Scottish. Period. That is who James Bond is,” Limbaugh said Tuesday.

“But now Sony is suggesting that the next James Bond should be Idris Elba, a black Briton rather than a white from Scotland.

“But that’s NOT who James Bond is, and I know it’s racist to probably even point this out… We had 50 years of white Bonds because Bond is white. Bond was never black. Ian Fleming never created a black Brit to play James Bond. The character was always white. He was always Scottish.”

Does Limbaugh have a point?

Possibly. If only he could pronounce Elba’s name correctly.

It should also be noted that of the nearly half dozen actors who have played James Bond, just one has been both white and Scottish.