Idaho cow escapes slaughterhouse, winds up dead meat after police shoot it

And the cow jumped over the fence ... only to be shot by police.
And the cow jumped over the fence ... only to be shot by police.

The sweet taste of freedom was brief on Friday for a cow in Idaho who jumped a fence at a slaughterhouse, only to be shot later by police.

The story of the bovine escapee has now gone viral.

The Idaho State Journal reports that the 1,000-pound cow jumped a 6-foot fence to escape the Anderson Custom Pack meat processing company in Pocatello.

Early in the lengthy chase that ensued, an officer shot the cow in the head but it was not deterred and kept running, right through a police road block.

Police gave chase on foot and in cars. At one point the cow reportedly rammed an animal control truck and two police cars.

According to police and witnesses, the cow was running up the middle of one road, nearly causing accidents.

Pocatello Police Chief Scott Marchand told the newspaper that cops shot and killed the cow, in a backyard three miles from the plant, because they believed it to pose a safety risk.

Commented someone on the newspaper’s story: “WTH! Are you telling me in the wild west State of Idaho not a single cowboy on horseback with a lariat could not have been on the scene in minutes??”

The dead cow was returned to the slaughterhouse.