What you missed if you didn’t watch Monday’s 'Colbert Report'

Stephen Colbert is down to his last three nights of “The Colbert Report.”
Stephen Colbert is down to his last three nights of “The Colbert Report.” Picturegroup

Stephen Colbert kicked off the last week of his gloriously successful Comedy Central experiment last night by discussing a withdrawal from public life.

Not his, of course. He’s going to CBS to replace Letterman.

Colbert was bemoaning the loss of a certain wild-eyed congresswoman from Minnesota’s 6th District who ran for president once upon a time.

“Godspeed, Michele,” Colbert said. “I cannot believe you kept up that crazy conservative character for eight years.”

Colbert’s clearly going to bring out a lot of his favorite things this last week on “The Colbert Report,” but Monday’s show was no montage-riddled lovefest. He’s not trying too hard to cram the shows with so much nostalgia that the pace feels altered — yet.

▪ “Formidable Opponent” Colbert debated himself in one of his best segment formats on the issue of CIA torture revelations.

“I’ve been up for a week, reading about soldiers we kept up for weeks!”

“We’re back to being Bruce Banner, so we can’t be held accountable for the Hulk’s aggressive interrogation methods.

▪ Cheese ankle diagnosis

Colbert did trot out a brief monologue of himself needling North Korean leader King Jong Un, to help explain how guest Seth Rogen’s new movie might have inspired the rage behind the Sony Pictures hacking scandal.

“All of America bows before the great Kim Jong Un,” Colbert intoned. “He is as wise as he has chin.”

▪ “Interview” interview

Colbert hadn’t said anything much to Rogen before his bearded, jittery interviewee made it clear that he was self-medicated on the set. Why not, if you’re there to plug a comedy about assassinating a dictator?

“Did you think it would upset the North Koreans?” Colbert asked.

“We read stuff. We watched movies,” Rogen replied, unable to stifle his Scooby giggles. “We talked to the people who went to North Korea with Dennis Rodman.”

▪ Parting shot

The best part of the night might have come early, as Colbert wrapped up a takedown of Fox news anchor Bill O’Reilly and concluded, “You know, if no one is gonna pay me to watch him any more, (forget) that noise.”

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