This Afghanistan man’s dream is to be the next Bruce Lee

Your eyes do not deceive you: this is Abbas Alizada.
Your eyes do not deceive you: this is Abbas Alizada.

Could the world’s next Bruce Lee come from Afghanistan?

It certainly would make a dream come true for Abbas Alizada.

The 20-year-old is gaining international fame for his uncanny likeness — he has a helmet of thick dark hair and a small, taut frame — to the late Chinese-American martial arts star. Abbas also can pull off very similar moves; see him wield nunchucks below.

Abbas told BBC News that he started kung fu lessons at 14 and just tried to copy Bruce Lee’s tactics.

“Bruce Lee was my hero when I was growing up,” said Abbas, who grew up in Kabul, Afghanistan, amid poverty and war. “I used to dream about him and of becoming a second Bruce Lee for my people.”

Abbas’ Facebook page has more than 30,000 likes since he created it on Dec. 8. Several media interviews with him are on YouTube. In the BBC video, he adds, “I may not be Bruce Lee but I’ll follow his footsteps as long as I live.”

We’d like to think Bruce Lee, who died in 1973, would approve.