YouTube releases 2014 ‘Rewind’ video, and it’s epic

Of course someone had to take a selfie in YouTube’s 2014 “Rewind” video.
Of course someone had to take a selfie in YouTube’s 2014 “Rewind” video. YouTube

YouTube has revealed its top 10 videos for 2014 in the most epic way – a video that stars some of the folks who appeared the top trending videos of the year.

Since its release on Tuesday, “YouTube Rewind: Turn Down for 2014,” has gobbled up more than 11 million views.

Facebook has also published its Year in Review recalling its biggest stories, from the World Cup, which reportedly drew more conversation than any other event in Facebook history, to the Ice Bucket Challenge. Click here to watch.

And in case you missed it, Twitter has declared 2014 the Year of the Selfie.

How did that happen? The word “selfie” was mentioned more than 92 million times this year on Twitter. (We think Kim Kardashian accounted for 91 million selfies.) And that selfie that Ellen DeGeneres snapped at the Oscars earlier this year with all those celebs was retweeted more than 3 million times, a Twitter record.

The YouTube video pays homage to the most popular memes, themes and people of the year. YouTube’s annual highlights reels – this is the fifth – become more popular and more involved each year.

Wired reports that YouTube shot this year’s video in six locations over nine days of principal photography.

Watch it yourself and see if you can spot the top 10 YouTube faces, or references to, of the past year – the devil baby roaming New York, the dog in the spider costume, ice bucket challengers, a singing nun and the woman who videotaped herself walking 10 hours around New York.

“YouTube is truly global, and we tried to create something that really represented that,” Kevin Allocca, YouTube’s head of trends and culture, told Wired.

“That Rewind video gets watched all over the world, not just the US, obviously, so we’re hoping it resonates internationally.”