Jason Sudeikis is Kansas City proud on Seth Meyers show

As a guest on the “Late Night with Seth Meyers” show Tuesday, Jason Sudeikis basically was a walking billboard for Kansas City.

Proudly wearing a black shirt with the words “Kansas City” emblazoned in white block letters, Seth asked Jason, who was raised in Overland Park, about the Royals’ World Series run. Jason talked about being at the game with three of his best friends when the Royals beat the Baltimore Orioles to clinch the American League Pennant. (He also mentioned this game to us in a recent interview).

One of the three friends is nicknamed Skippy. “He’s like the funniest friend I have,” Jason said. “He talks in punchlines.”

Jason’s new movie, “Horrible Bosses 2,” is out now (our review here), but he was on Seth Meyers’s show to reprise a skit about a guy named Dan who just wants to teach people how to juggle.

We just have two questions: 1. Where did Jason get that Kansas City shirt? 2. Can we meet Skippy?