Jason Sudeikis ‘bros-out’ with Billy Eichner in New York

On the list of actors we’d like to “bro out” with, Jason Sudeikis is definitely in the top 5.

And now he’s proved why he ranks so high.

In a new episode of comedian Billy Eichner’s “Billy On the Street,” Sudeikis joins Eichner and a bunch of backwards hat-wearing “bros” as they approach New Yorkers with questions.

“Bro, for a dollar, which is better, Aladdin or Wicked?” Eichner asks one innocent bystander.

“Wicked,” the man says.

“Yeah baby! Yeahhh!” the group responds.

“Bro, bro, true or false, for a dollar: Masculinity is a prison,” Eichner asks another bystander.

“True,” he says.

Cue another

It’s high comedy, but the best part comes when the group tailgates before a performance of “Wicked.”

Imagine the craziest, most spirited Chiefs fans on a Sunday at Arrowhead, but on the streets of New York City.

Warning: Some language in the video is NSFW: