Good sport: KC Symphony’s Michael Stern pays off World Series bet

A bet is a bet, right Michael Stern?
A bet is a bet, right Michael Stern? YouTube

Good sport that he is, Kansas City Symphony music director Michael Stern took care of some unfinished business on Friday and paid off a bet that he made over the outcome of the World Series.

The wager – part of “that little high-minded silliness on YouTube,” he said – was made with Michael Tilson Thomas, his counterpart with the San Francisco Symphony.

“They might have hoped that we’d done something like ... play ‘We Left Our Hearts in San Francisco,’ which of course would have been completely false because we didn’t,” Stern said.

“We brought them right back here, proudly. And we have every intention of taking this up next year. So to all our friends in the San Francisco Symphony, it ain’t over yet.”

The determination in his voice scored loud applause from the audience. But then, right before the symphony ended the night with a performance of John Philip Sousa's “The National Game,” he revealed what he was wearing under his tuxedo.

Sorry, maestro. You still look better in Royal blue.