Lose-your-lunch special: Watch POV video of The Skyscraper, world’s tallest roller coaster

The Skyscraper is said to be the “corkscrewiest” roller coaster ever.
The Skyscraper is said to be the “corkscrewiest” roller coaster ever.

The world’s tallest roller coaster, The Skyscraper, won’t open in Orlando until 2017. But why wait? You can watch this video and scare the bejesus out of yourself now.

The Skyscraper is an apt name for a 535-foot-tall tower of terror that sends riders plummeting down and around and down and around, upside-down and down and around a corkscrew track for four minutes.

“The unique design of the coaster means more incredible, heart-pounding inside and outside loops, dives, spirals and inversions in a vertical area than riders have ever before experienced,” Bill Kitchen, founder of Orlando-based US Thrill Rides, which designed the Skyscraper, told CNN.

The coaster follows the company’s Polercoasters concept designed to deliver high thrills in a small-diameter footprint, CNN reports. The individual cars have only two rows of four seats but the ride can move more than one car at a time.

An animated simulation of the ride was unveiled at an amusement parks expo this week. The point-of-view video posted to YouTube by Theme Park Review has more than 1.4 million hits since Monday.

Have a bucket handy.