Guy Fieri, reimagined with dark hair and without goatee, freaks out Internet

Who is this Guy? No one we know.
Who is this Guy? No one we know. Twitter

This image of Food Network star Guy Fieri with dark hair and a clean-shaven face is so disturbing that we just had to share it.

You’re welcome.

Because someone apparently has nothing better to do, Twitter user Wrong Opinion Guy, @gewqk, employed Photoshop to show the world what the celebrity chef would look like without his trademark spiky blond hair and goatee.

The result? The image of a guy we’re pretty sure we once bought a hot dog from on the streets of New York.

Fieri fans are furiously trying to scrub this image from their brains.

“I was going to get fully dressed and have a great day, then I saw the picture of calm-haired Guy Fieri and now I am eating yogurt in sweats,” tweeted Meredith Haggerty ‏@manymanywords.