Watch Jimmy Fallon parody, ‘Jimpire,’ to get psyched for ‘Empire’

Steve Higgins channels Cookie Lyon for his role.
Steve Higgins channels Cookie Lyon for his role. YouTube

Sure, Jimmy Fallon does an amazing impression of Terrence Howard as Lucious Lyon of Fox’s “Empire” in this parody, “Jimpire,” which aired Tuesday night.

But did anyone picture “Tonight Show” announcer Steve Higgins — who plays “Higgy” — channeling Taraji P. Henson’s sassilicous Cookie?

Put a fur coat around Higgins’ shoulders, give him a leopard-print dress and one of these wicked blood-red stiletto nails and his inner Cookie Lyons comes out. To great effect.

All the trappings that make “Empire” such a fun, over-the-top soap, are in Fallon’s parody — from a boo-boo-kitty reference to the “secret” that Quest carries. It’s also got a girl fight and THAT Cookie scene (shows up around the 5:28 mark).

It’s impressive that Fallon did not crack up. There are also cameos from Howard and Henson and even ... Donald Trump.

And if you don’t know “Empire” — the story of Lucious and Cookie Lyon’s music empire and how they’re managing it with their three sons — you can catch up on who Cookie is with this clip.

The season 2 premiere of “Empire” is tonight at 8 on Fox 4.