How Taylor Swift finally met Jordan, a Harrisonville girl fighting brain cancer

Taylor Swift meets Jordan Overcast of Harrisonville.
Taylor Swift meets Jordan Overcast of Harrisonville. Twitter

The story of how Jordan Overcast, of Harrisonville, Mo., got to meet Taylor Swift really started 5 years ago, when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor before she turned 2.

But the social media campaign that led Jordan to meet Swift before Tuesday night’s concert at Sprint Center kicked off in earnest in July, when a Fox 4 story detailed the travails of Jordan’s young life — from the malignant brain tumor that could not be fully removed to daily chemotherapy treatments to a second brain surgery. Jordan finished her radiation treatments in August, and a friend gave her tickets to Swift’s concert.

At one point, Jordan’s older brother Kenneth, entered an essay contest to help Jordan meet Swift.

Kenneth wrote of his sister’s cancer: “Being there for each other is the best way to ‘shake it off.’ When my teacher told me about this essay contest, I thought it was another good way to help Jordan because she LOVES Taylor Swift. She sings her songs all the time. When she is singing, I think she is able to ‘shake it off.’”

The Fox 4 story led to a #TaylormeetJordan hashtag that got picked up and shared by the thousands since July. Here’s a sampling.

And it led to the meeting that everyone had wanted for Jordan. Sweetness.

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