Never a boar: Miley Cyrus paints her pet pig’s toenails red

This little piggy went to market. This little piggy stayed home.

And this little piggy went running as fast it could, yelling, “Hey, Miley Cyrus, I’m a pig! I don’t need a pedicure!”

If you hadn’t heard, animal-loving Miley has a pet pig now. She adopted it over the summer. It’s name is Bubba Sue.

Miley, who at last count also has four dogs, so loves this pig that she treats it like a human, even giving it to a pedicure as she shared with the world on Instagram Thursday.

Miley posted a photo of someone painting Bubba Sue’s toes a fashionable shade of red. “Pig pig gonna be lookin fresh,” she wrote.

More than 313,000 fans have “liked” the photo. But some were peeved by the porcine pedi, finding it more cruel than cute. And they roasted the megastar.

“Poor animal.”

“It’s not a toy.”

“You mad.”

We think they’re just bacon a big deal out of this.