Wayne Brady reveals debilitating depression: ‘I had a complete breakdown’

Wayne Brady has revealed that he has dealt with depression for many years.
Wayne Brady has revealed that he has dealt with depression for many years.

The day that Robin Williams killed himself, fellow comedian Wayne Brady tweeted this to the world: “Depression is real. God bless him and his family.”

Now Brady is sharing with the world again, this time revealing that he is fighting the same illness.

It’s been his secret for years until giving an interview about it to Nischelle Turner of Entertainment Tonight.

Brady said he hit rock bottom in June on the day of his 42nd birthday.

“I was there by myself, in my bedroom and I had a complete breakdown … Just go ahead and imagine for yourself a brother in his underwear, in his room, you got snot … and that birthday was the beginning of, 'OK, I've got to make a change.'"

The Emmy-award winning “Let’s Make a Deal” host suggested that his secret might surprise some people.

“People are like, 'Wayne Brady's always happy!'" he said. "No I'm not. Because I'm human.

“Having a bad day is one thing, having a bad week is another, having a bad life … You don't want to move, you can't move in the darkness. You're like, 'I am just going to sit right here and I want to wallow in this. As much as it hurts, I am going to sit right here because this is what I deserve. This is what I deserve, so I am going to sit here because I am that horrible of a person.'"

He talked about Hollywood’s double standard of treating drug issues and depression. One is considered cool. The other?

"Nobody wants to out themselves so to speak, or if they out themselves, it's in a very – I hate to say it – Hollywood way,” he said. "It's actually cool to go into rehab for some people. ... But if someone says, 'I'm clinically depressed,' that sounds like someone's making something up. It's like, ‘Psst, you're not depressed.'"