Jay Z attacked by sister-in-law Solange Knowles (with video)

Was it something he said? Something he did? Guess we’ll never know. But it must have been something big that made Solange Knowles go ballistic on her famous brother-in-law, Jay Z, at a Met Gala after-party last week.


posted video of the altercation, captured by an elevator security camera, on Monday.

The video shows Solange, sister of Jay Z’s wife, Beyonce, kicking, yelling and clawing at Jay Z right after she enters an elevator with him. There’s no sound on the video, so we’re left in the dark about what set her off.

TMZ reports that the incident occurred at the Boom Boom Room at the Standard Hotel in New York City.

Jay Z never strikes back but looks like he’s trying to hold her arms down as another man, presumed to be a bodyguard, grabs Solange away.

At one point the bodyguard seems to push the emergency stop button at the 12th floor, presumably to keep the fight away from photographers.

Beyonce, who was also in the elevator, seems to do and say nothing as she watches the drama until Solange breaks free from the bodyguard and goes after Jay Z again. She does move her dress out of the way of the fight at one point, though.

After they get off the elevator, paparazzi photos show a gloomy-faced Solange walking ahead of an obviously shell-shocked Jay Z – holding a hand up to his face – and Beyonce, who gamely grins for the cameras.

The two sisters left in one car and Jay Z departed in another.

No word of explanation from any of the parties involved.

Jay Z PHYSICALLY ATTACKED by Beyonce's Sister Solange